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Gel Pens - 50 Combo Pack

Super Doodle

Gel Pens - 50 Combo Pack

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50 Pack Colorful Gel Pens 

  • SUPER SIZED: We've designed the ultimate set of non-toxic gel pens to meet all of your wishes. You've asked for more colors, so we carefully customized this gel pen set just for you! There are 50 individual colors in this set; including 13 glitter, 11 neon glitter, 10 metallic, 6 classic, 4 custom earth tones, and 6 neon gel pens... all of the colors you have been wanting in one complete set!
  • MORE GLITTER: Since you love the way the glitter pens bring your coloring pages to life, we decided to double the amount that is most often included in gel pen sets. We have added 11 new neon glitter colors and 1 brown glitter to the 12 standard glitter pens. This will give you a total of 24 unique non-toxic pens, enough to make your artwork pop right off the page!
  • EARTH TONES: Finally, a gel pen set that includes brown earth tones for your nature scenes! Super Doodle to the Rescue! Not only have we included brown... but you will also get beige, cream, and tan. Now you won't feel stranded when you are trying to color trees and animals in your coloring books or create realistic skin tones in your artwork!
  • NO DUPLICATES: We know how much you like variety when it comes to sprucing up your artwork, so this gel pen set is designed just for you. We've carefully selected 50 different colors for you to choose from, ranging across 6 different styles of ink (glitter, neon glitter, metallic, classic, neon, and earth tones). That's right, all 50 non-bleed pens have their own unique color... no duplicates and no fillers!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: We've packed in all the wonderful colors you were looking for and still managed to maintain the same professional high quality standards. All 50 pens in this set are non-toxic and contain a comfort grip that is latex-free. The ink is smooth flowing and does not bleed through... perfect for all of your crafting needs or detailed coloring work!

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