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Gel Pens - 50 Loose Pens/No Case (Clearance)

Super Doodle

Gel Pens - 50 Loose Pens/No Case (Clearance)

$6.95 $19.95

50 Variety Gel Pens- (CLEARANCE)

  • 50 Random Color Gel Pens: There are 50 gel pens; no guarantee of what colors will be included in package. There could be duplicates or higher numbers of certain colors instead of others. No two orders will look alike. This set will include 50 pens pulled at random from an overstock of loose pens and it will not include a case.
  • Overstock/Clearance: This set of gel pens is currently on clearance due to ink reaching its expiration date. These pens have issues of ink separation, air bubbles, missing ink and/or varying ink levels due to the expired ink.

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