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About Super Doodle

"Hi there, my name is Hillary.  My husband, Jason, and I founded Super Doodle in 2015.  We created Super Doodle out of a mutual love for the Arts.  Jason, a doodler and art enthusiast all his life, went on to major in Art in college.  Always passionate about helping others, I graduated with a Masters in Counseling and later went on to become a Licensed Professional Counselor.  The combination of Jason's passion for the visual arts and my interest in the benefits of art therapy was the motivating factor behind the formation of Super Doodle.  We are a family-owned business dedicated to creating high quality gel pen sets and coloring supplies.  We hope that you can come get creative with Super Doodle, unleash your inner child, and enjoy the many benefits of art and coloring!" 

Our Mission

 After our son encountered an unexpected illness in 2015 and remained in the hospital for nine days, we made it our mission at Super Doodle to give back to others going through similar circumstances.  While in the hospital, our son received a coloring set that helped him take his mind off the stress of being sick.  The immediate benefits the coloring set provided during his healing process were evident.  Looking back on how meaningful this was to our son, it became a priority for Super Doodle to make donations to organizations that use coloring as a creative outlet during recovery.

ArtCares for Kids

Canevas: Centre d'art-thérapie