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September Super Star Club Winner!

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As the winner of our September Super Star Contest,
Marie Kiiffner from Canada has won a 50 Pack of Super Doodle gel pens!
Marie gave us some insights on what she loves about using gel pens:

"I use your gel pens both for writing notes and coloring. Gel pens for me are a special touch to my coloring to enhance the picture with the vibrant and large choice of colors and benefit me by making that picture pop and gives me joy to see what the picture looks like in the end, and the art of expression. I love purple, orange and blues, but have use for all colors on any picture I may be coloring. Most of the pictures I use my gel pens in are landscapes, trees, water and some celtic types of pictures. I love the way I can manipulate the effect of the gel pen with effects by just using my fingertip to give water or rocks the natural look and blending. I like the bright vibrant ones for highlights. There is nothing I can't imagine I couldn't color using gel pens in either the entire picture or to enhance a picture when I use a multiple amount of color mediums. I love using the Super Doodle pens, the smoothness, the ease of use and the enhancement of life it brings to any picture I do. Forever a loyal Super Doodle fan."


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