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October Super Star Club Winner!

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As the winner of our October Super Star Contest,

Anna Hennigar-Shuh has won a 50 Pack of Super Doodle gel pens!




Anna gave us some insights about her use of Super Doodle gel pens:

"[I use my Super Doodle gel pens for] coloring, grocery lists, notes and drawing etc. I just love to color and draw and write etc. And these gel pens are so bright & cheery and colorful and glittery! I use all but Pink purple turquoise and I usually just pick the colors out at random from a bag and color things in that way! I draw with these gel pens whatever I can I would like to expand what I can draw with these gel pens like drawing mandalas and that but for now I will wait until I learn how! I draw and color in anything I can with them hearts and houses and what ever comes to mind! These activities benefit me because they calm me and relax me through stress some what and I love the pretty childhood colors that your gel pens provide & I also loved to color as a child and teen and now so I also loved to color all the time and your colors match my favorite colors."    


To join our Super Doodle Super Star Club click here.

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