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Looking for a Way to Relax? Try Coloring!!!


Hey Super Doodle fans! Have you all been enjoying our new website? We sure do love the fact that we can now provide all our products to all our Super Doodle fans all over the world!!!

One reason we love sharing our products to everyone all over the world is because coloring is such a fun and relaxing hobby that anyone can enjoy! While coloring is an activity that we think of doing as a child, coloring turns out to be just as beneficial for adults because of its ability to release stress. So why is coloring so relaxing? According to Psychology Today, listed are just a few reasons of the many benefits of coloring!

  • Balances your mind, your body, and your spirit
  • Expands your creativity
  • Increases your self-awareness     
  • Encourages your self-expression and freedom
  • Allows you to have fun, alone or with your friends

So the next time you are feeling a little stressed out, we hope you will grab your Super Doodle gel pens and your favorite coloring book and allow yourself to relax!

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**Cover mandala provided by artist Aayushi Shah

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