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January Super Star Club Winner

Adult Coloring Super Doodle Gel Pens Super Star Club Winner

As the winner of our January Super Star Contest, Kris Connor has won a 50 Pack of Super Doodle gel pens!


Kris gave us some insights about her use with gel pens in the following interview:


What types of activities do you use gel pens for?

"I use gel pens to color in my books and I find single pages as well. My favorite activities I use my gel pens for are coloring pages with my grandkids and nieces."

What interests you in those activities?

"I love coloring with the kids because they get so relaxed while coloring we end up sharing fun and silly stories together."

How do those activities benefit you?

"I get so much joy out of being with the kids, so gel pens are an avenue to be closer to ones I love. I also color as a way to de-stress from an anxious day or week."

What do you like about gel pens?

"I enjoy most gel pens because they smear and can add a different look to my pages. I love the way glitter pens make my pages sparkle."

What are your favorite colors to use?

"My favorite colors to use are pinks, blues, yellow and gold."

What types of designs do you like to color/create with gel pens?

"My favorite things to color are doodles, nature and even some of the stuff kids like to color. One day I was on YouTube and found this woman, Jennifer Stay ( She is a very kind and talented woman who offers so many ways to use gel pens I couldn't wait to keep looking for companies offering affordable pens to try the techniques she teaches. It was because of her I was pleased to find super doodle gel pens. I especially like the cream color pens which I have not found from other companies."

Kris shared the following coloring work that she completed with Super Doodle gel pens:


The pages shared on the top row are from Coloring Pages Bliss. To follow the artist, Jennifer Stay, on Facebook, please CLICK HERE .

Kris has also shared a flower coloring card that she completed from the Super Doodle Coloring Card Collection. If you are interested in being our next Super Doodle Super Star Contest Monthly Winner, please CLICK HERE to join the Super Star Club!

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