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How to Host An Adult Coloring Party

Adult Coloring Adult Coloring Party Coloring

Adult coloring has become quite a new trend, and is an exciting activity that is fun when shared with friends and family. Whether you’re coloring to relieve stress, or to enhance your artistic side, adult coloring books are an easy way to get creative!


Hosting an adult coloring party is a great opportunity to hang out with friends and family, and learn a new hobby while doing so. Here are a few tips if you’re thinking about hosting your own adult coloring party!


Location, Location, Location


Before you send out invites, make sure to find an ideal location to host your party. The environment you choose will make a difference in how comfortable your guests will be, and will help to let everyone loosen up and enjoy spending time with each other.


If your home isn’t big enough, or just isn’t the type of environment you want for your guests, then try looking into something different, like a restaurant, or community clubhouse.




You can’t invite friends and family to an adult coloring party unless you have plenty of coloring supplies! Find a variety of items so that your guests can choose what works best for them, and make sure to place them in the center of a table, or area that everyone has easy access to. Mix and match gel pens, markers, crayons, pencils, etc. for a good variety.


If these items are too costly for you to fully supply on your own, then have guests bring their own coloring supplies. Another fun way of getting guests to bring supplies is to include it on the invite, or have a signup sheet similar to a potluck party where they can pick and choose specific items you’ll want at the party.


Food & Drinks


Every party is always made better with some food and drinks! Sipping on some wine is always a girlfriend favorite, but if your friends aren’t big drinkers then simply stick to the basics, like water and punch.


You can choose whether or not you want this to be a light h'orderves type of get together, or a full dinner with sides and all. If you’re following along with the potluck type of style, then you can also ask guests to bring supplies and/or snacks and drinks. This might actually work better if you have a few picky eaters in the group, that way everyone is sharing a little bit of what they like. Not to mention that homemade recipes always make for great ice breakers!




Oftentimes, adults find coloring to be almost therapeutic, and relaxing. Adult coloring parties are an easy way to unwind with friends, enjoy a night out of the house, and take your mind off of things. Some of your guests will most likely use this opportunity to unwind, and just enjoy time to themselves, so you’ll want to make sure to create a welcoming ambiance that’s inviting to all your friends and family.


There are many options to choose from when it comes to ambiance: you can create an upbeat environment, or go with something more calming and soothing. Lighting candles helps to create a calming environment, and if this is supposed to be a way for your friends to unwind, then this would be an ideal atmosphere to go with. If you’re looking for something a little more lively, try playing some music, and brighten up the room with lighting.


Show & Tell


At the end of the night once everyone's done coloring, take some time to admire each other's work. Encourage your guests to share pictures on social media, and swap pictures with each other as gifts. Another way to make an adult coloring party more exciting is to create a little healthy competition.


Before everyone starts coloring, explain the competition, and make sure everyone who wants to participate hears the rules. Create categories for the winners, and let your friends vote on each one, such as “most colorful”, “most creative”, and “best design”. This will keep everyone motivated throughout the night.

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