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December Super Star Club Winner!

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As the winner of our December Super Star Contest,
Iza Murray has won a 50 Pack of Super Doodle gel pens!



Iza gave us some insights about her use of gel pens in the following interview:


What types of activities do you use gel pens for?

"Principally for mandalas"

What interests you in those activities?

"I'm a very stressed woman and coloring is my favorite way to calm down"

How do those activities benefit you?

"I love to create and even if I don't draw myself, just put colors of my mind on a drawing is liberating"

What do you like about gel pens?

"Their vibrating colors!!"

What are your favorite colors to use?

"My favorite colors are orange, yellow and red, but I love metallic one, especially blue and silver"

What types of designs do you like to color/create with gel pens?

"Mandalas is repetitive so I can use my favorite colors on and on" "but contouring magical design is another pleasure for me"


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