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The 5 People in Your Life That Need to Take Up Coloring

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Coloring has been shown to have significant therapeutic benefits for adults. And those who have taken it up as a hobby are already starting to reap the rewards of stress-relief and relaxation. Maybe you’re even one of them! And if you are, chances are, you know of a few other people in your life who could benefit from some adult coloring time. Here are our suggestions for the five people in your life who need to take up coloring.


The workaholic


Work is an important component of daily life -- it’s where we spend the majority of our time, and is responsible for fueling so many other facets of our lives, both financially and otherwise. But if we’re not careful, work can become our lives. We can end up bringing our “9 to 5’s home, logging in on the weekends, even taking phone calls in our “off hours.”


The “workaholics” in our lives are one of the groups that could benefit most from some coloring. For people who are used to constantly working and not leaving enough (or any) time for playing, coloring can act as a great outlet. Whether they have an hour to spare, or just five minutes, taking some time to sit down and engage in the creative joy that coloring can provide will help them take a much-needed break.


In addition, some adults enjoy the feelings of productivity that come from completing a page of a coloring book or a coloring card - it’s a physical testament to a completed task, and something for you to be proud of. For this reason, coloring provides a perfect opportunity for workaholics to redirect their working energy, and have fun doing it!


The on-the-go mom


If you’re a mom, you understand how the majority of your day can come to revolve around the needs of your children. Your interests take a backseat, and it’s easy to forget to take some time for yourself in the hustle and bustle of our busy days.


Busy moms and caregivers can benefit exponentially from coloring, with the most immediate benefit being that they’re able to take some time for themselves. Coloring is said to provide similar benefits to meditation, and other forms of mindfulness - something that doesn’t happen readily or often for on-the-go moms.


By taking some time each week to sit down with a coloring card, busy moms will not only feel more balanced, but they may also gain an opportunity to reconnect with their children - in many cases, coloring helps us reconnect with our inner child again.


The stressed student


While the education process provides a host of benefits for students, it’s often a very stressful time. Between homework, studying, going to classes, and trying to juggle all the other aspects of life, it’s easy to let stress creep in. Students are undoubtedly one of the groups that can benefit most from coloring, primarily because the practice of coloring can help reduce stress and anxiety.


If you’re a student, the next time you’re taking a break from studying or working on a project, try taking some time to color. Disconnecting from your urgent work and taking a creative break may help you come up with an idea or brainstorm a solution for a problem you may have never thought of before.


The military spouse


If all else fails, at the end of the day, coloring can help provide distraction and help you pass the time. For people who are in emotionally taxing situations - for example, a military spouse whose husband is on deployment or stationed overseas - coloring can provide an outlet for distraction and comfort.


While coloring won’t make any problems disappear, it can help put them on hold for the time being, which is why it’s a great activity for people who need a temporary distraction. Years and years ago, “the famous psychotherapist Carl Jung recommended coloring mandalas to his patients, as he believed they represent the ‘inner process by which individuals grow toward fulfilling their potential for wholeness’” ( The idea that coloring can help serve as a form of therapy or healing is not new.


The dieter


For anyone who’s trying to lose weight or pursue a healthier lifestyle, coloring can be a huge help. Coloring is often lauded for its ability to improve mindfulness and self-awareness, which is why it’s a great activity for dieters.


Any nutritional expert will preach the importance of mindfulness and attentiveness when trying to create and maintain healthy habits - such as stopping eating when you’re full, staying away from mindless snacking, and generally being aware of the real reason you want to get healthy, and staying focused on it.


Coloring can provide a quick distraction when you feel the urge to snack, and it can help you reconnect with your intentions and stay mindful about your life and your choices. 


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