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All About Gel Pens

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At Super Doodle there’s no doubt we LOVE gel pens! Not just because they are fun, bright, colorful and provide amazing color to all types of artistic creations, but because they are different than colored pencils, markers, crayons and other pens on the market.

So what makes a gel pen different than other pens on the market today? This type of pen is different in the fact that it uses a water-based gel ink to create a smoother flow than other pens. The smooth flowing ink from Super Doodle gel pens is non-toxic and acid-free, which makes them a premium quality gel pen that you can use with confidence. Because the ink is smooth flowing and does not bleed through, Super Doodle gel pens are perfect to use for adult coloring, doodling, journaling, greeting cards, arts & crafts, drawing, writing, sketching, scrapbooking, and so much more!

While at Super Doodle we pride ourselves on providing quality products to our customers, we know that with time all pens have a little wear and tear with continued use. So here are a few simple tips for keeping your Super Doodle gel pens in great condition.

Having some issues with ink flow? Try wiping the tip with an alcohol pad or running the tip under hot water. Additionally, you could try taking the ink tube out of the pen holder and running the entire tube under hot water. Please make sure to dry the ink tube completely before returning to the pen holder.

Having an issue with ink clogs? If the pen continues to give you trouble, there could be a simple issue with the roller ball. In this case, try scribbling or drawing figure 8's with firm pressure onto a hard surface such as cardboard. Putting pressure on the roller ball in this way can clean out any ink clogs that may prevent the pen from writing properly.

Want to learn more on how to keep your Super Doodle gel pens in tip top shape for all your artistic creations? Check out our featured artist Nico Dauk’s YouTube video above as she highlights how to take care of your pens! If you still have questions, you can always contact Super Doodle via email, Facebook, Instagram or at Happy Doodling!

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